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Mês de Agosto

04/08 My Dearest (MBC)
04/08 The First Responders Season 2 (SBS)
09/08 Moving (Disney +)
10/08 The Killing Vote (SBS)
11/08 Cold Blooded Intern (tvN)
11/08 Love Class 2 (Watcha)
12/08 Behind Your Touch (JTBC)
18/08 Mask Girl (Netflix)
21/08 My Lovely Boxer (KBS2)
23/08 Destined With You (Netflix)

04/08 You From The Future (iQiyi)
07/08 Supervisor Husband (Tencent Video)
10/08 Love You Seven Times (iQiyi)
10/08 Love Forever Young (Youku)
10/08 Love from Divorce (Tencent Video)
11/08 Sweet Games (Tencent Video)
12/08 You Are Desire (Mango TV)
14/08 All the Way to the Sun (Youku)
16/08 Kill You Love You (Youku)
18/08 Fake It Till You Make It (Mango TV)
19/08 The Legend of Zhuohua (WETV)
22/08 A Different Mr. Xiao (iQiyi)
28/08 My Everlasting Bride (Youku)
28/08 Wrong Carriage Right Groom (Youku)
31/08 Dear Mr. Recluse (Youku)
31/08 Egg And Stone (iQiyi)

30/07 Treasure War (Channel 7)
21/08 Doctor Detective (Channel 3)
23/08 The Betrayal (Channel 3)

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