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Mês de Junho

01/06 Eve (tvN)
03/06 Why Her? (SBS)
03/06 Dr. Lawyer (Coreia)
04/06 Cleaning Up (JTBC)
05/06 To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (Viki)
06/06 Link: Eat Love Kill (tvN)
08/06 Insider (JTBC)
10/06 To X Who Doesn't Love Me 
10/06 New Normal Zine (TVING)
10/06 Yumi's Cells S2 (TVING)
15/06 Jinxed at First (KBS2)
17/06 Island (OCN)
18/06 Alchemy of Souls (tvN)
20/06 Mental Coach Je Gal Gil (tvN)
22/06 The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate (jTBC)
24/06 Anna (Netflix)
24/06 Money Heist: Korea (Netflix)
24/06 Ultimate Weapon Alice (Watcha)
25/06 Don't Announce Your Husband's Death (tvN)
25/06 Miracle (Viu)
25/06 Becoming Witch (TV Chosun)
27/06 Café Minamdang (KBS2)
29/06 Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix)
29/06 Today's Webtoon (SBS)
29/06 The Law Cafe (KBS2)
29/06 Dear M (KBS2)
?/06 Unicorn (Coupang Play)
?/06 Weird Lawyer Woo Young-Woo (ENA)

02/06 A Dream of Splendor (Tencent Video)
02/06 Miss Buyer (iQiyi)
05/06 Mom Wow (Tencent Video)
06/06 Wife's Choice (Hunan TV)
06/06 Fall in Love (Youku)
07/06 Nice To Meet You Again (Tencent Video)
10/06 Time To Fall In Love (iQiyi)
10/06 To Our Ten Years 
11/06 My Kung Fu Girlfriend (Tencent Video)
15/06 The Murder in Kairoutei (Youku)
15/06 Hello, My Shining Love (Tencent Video)
15/06 Jiajia's Lovely Journey (iQiyi)
15/06 Love Behind the Melody (Mango TV)
17/06 Love The Way You Are (iQiyi)
18/06 The Lord of Losers (iQiyi)
19/06 Mejaz Regulus in The World (iQiyi)
22/06 Babel (Tencent Video)
24/06 The Legendary Life of Queen Lau (Youku)
24/06 Almost Famous (Tencent Video)
25/06 Dr. Tang (iQiyi)
29/06 The Story of Xing Fu (Youku)
30/06 Be Yourself (Youku)

01/06 Astrophile (GMM 25)

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