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Mês de Novembro

01/11 Moon in the Daym (ENA)
03/11 Daily Dose of Sunshine (Netflix)
08/11 Vigilante (Disney+)
11/11 Goryeo-Khitan War (KBS2)
20/11 A Bloody Lucky Day (TVing)
24/11 My Demon (Netflix)
24/11 The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Viki)
27/11 Tell Me That You Love Me (Disney +)

01/11 We Go Fast On Trust (Mango tv)
02/11 Love Is Panacea (Youku)
03/11 Only For Love (Mango TV)
03/11 The Fearless (iQiyi)
03/11 There Will Be Ample Time (Tencent Video)
06/11 Wonderland of Love (Tencent Video)
07/11 Story of Kunning Palace (iQiyi)
08/11 Please Smile (Video Tencent)
16/11 Chase The Truth (Tencent Video)
21/11 Dear Contract Boyfriend (Tencent Video)
21/11 Welcome to Milele Village (Youku)
25/11 I May Love You (Tencent Video)
27/11 South Sea Tomb (Tencent Video)
28/11 A Journey to Love (iQiyi)
30/11 Love Me, Love My Voice (Tencent Video)

08/11 Faceless Love (Amazon Prime)

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