Definições De Leitor De

Debut or Die
Chapter 183

Park Moondae continued to rise into the air. Even as his limbs dropped in the air, his limp body maintained its dramatically graceful lines.


And he kept singing.


– My heart is melting

Until there’s nothing to expect

in desperation

Until it’s over


Just like the eerie lyrics, it was a static yet intense performance.


The homma, who was watching the scene blankly, suddenly realized something.


‘That’s why it’s a head mic!’


From the moment he sat in the chair, he was wearing a head microphone, not a standing microphone or a handheld microphone.


‘I thought it was because it didn’t fit the atmosphere with the tied-up clothes…’


No, it was because of that crazy performance.


And it didn’t end there.


– Still, I’ll wait


The moment the final chorus hit.


The accompaniment suddenly turned into a slow string solo instrument.


In the midst of that mournful sound, the fabric that had been tied around the singer’s body loosened and began to flutter along with the wind.


And the cloudy night sky began to be reflected on the electronic display.




Fabric in primary colors swayed against the background of a cloudy dark night where the stars were hard to see.


And a white figure floated in the middle.